More than just a coffee place, our Shokudo Japanese Coffee House offers a fresh and interesting environment that enchance your usual coffee experience

Increasing Popularity of Japanese Cuisine

The recent rise in the popularity of Japanese cuisine went abreast with past years craze for low-fat diets and healthy eating. The success of many modern Japanese restaurant concepts has created a trend for evolved Japanese food and fusion of its recipes with ingredients from many different countries.


Shokudo Principle

Shokudo values the subtle tastes and flavours of Japanese cuisine. Not to mention, Japanese cuisine thrives on its food presentation which is essentially as imperative as its authentic taste.

Using only the freshest of ingredients, Shokudo strictly abides to import all ingredients from Japan. Following closely the dining trends in Japan, our Japanese Chefs engage in the preparation of creative selections of the Japanese cuisine with optimum effort, making every dish a delightful experience.

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